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8x10” - Framed Art Canvas

8x10” - Framed Art Canvas
8x10” - Framed Art Canvas
8x10” - Framed Art Canvas
8x10” - Framed Art Canvas
8x10” - Framed Art Canvas
8x10” - Framed Art Canvas
8x10” - Framed Art Canvas
Load image into Gallery viewer, 8x10” - Framed Art Canvas
Load image into Gallery viewer, 8x10” - Framed Art Canvas
Load image into Gallery viewer, 8x10” - Framed Art Canvas
Load image into Gallery viewer, 8x10” - Framed Art Canvas
Load image into Gallery viewer, 8x10” - Framed Art Canvas
Load image into Gallery viewer, 8x10” - Framed Art Canvas
Load image into Gallery viewer, 8x10” - Framed Art Canvas

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Elevate your art experience with our versatile range of Art Canvases, designed to suit every artist's needs and every wall's dimensions.

Canvas Size Matters:
Choose the ideal canvas size to ensure your artwork fits your wall perfectly. Finding the right proportion and balance is crucial. A canvas that's too small might get lost on a large wall, while one that's too large can overwhelm a small space. Consider the focal point you want to create and your personal aesthetic to make the perfect selection.

Pre-Color Coat or Gesso:
For artists, our canvases come with two fantastic options:

  • Pre-Color Coat: Start your artwork on a canvas with a solid pre-coat of color. This provides a unique backdrop that can set the mood and theme of your piece. Experiment with different color schemes or create an eye-catching contrast effortlessly.
  • Gesso: Our gessoed canvases are a favorite among artists for a reason. The acrylic gesso primer ensures a reliable and consistent surface, enhancing paint adhesion and preserving color vibrancy. It creates a smooth texture for precise detailing, allowing your creativity to flourish.

Frame Depths and Frames:
Enhance your artwork's presentation with our selection of frame depths and frames. Different frame depths add dimension, giving your artwork a three-dimensional quality. Meanwhile, our frames not only protect your canvas but also elevate its visual appeal. Choose from a variety of styles to match your artwork's personality and your room's decor.

Whether you're an artist seeking the perfect canvas for your masterpiece or an art enthusiast looking to adorn your walls, our Art Canvases offer the flexibility and quality you need. Elevate your art and your space with canvases that are just the right size, primed to perfection, and framed with style. Explore the possibilities and let your creativity shine!

Size Matters

Canvas size is a crucial consideration when choosing art for your wall. It plays a significant role in ensuring your artwork is neither too big nor too small for the space. Here's why it matters:

  1. Proportion and Balance: The size of your canvas should complement the dimensions of your wall. If your canvas is too small, it may get lost on a large, empty wall, making the space feel incomplete. On the other hand, a canvas that's too large for a small wall can overwhelm the room and disrupt its visual balance. Choosing the right size ensures a harmonious relationship between the artwork and the wall.
  2. Focal Point: Art can serve as a focal point in a room. The size of your canvas can help you determine how much attention it will command. A larger canvas can make a bold statement and become the centerpiece of a room, while smaller pieces can add subtle accents to existing decor.
  3. Personal Aesthetic: The choice of canvas size also depends on your personal aesthetic and the atmosphere you want to create. Larger canvases can create a sense of drama and grandeur, while smaller ones can evoke intimacy and coziness.

Pre-color coat or gesso for artists:

  • Pre-Color Coat: Canvases with a solid pre-coat of color offer artists a unique starting point. This colored background can influence the overall mood and theme of the artwork. It's especially useful when artists want to create a specific atmosphere or experiment with different color schemes without starting from scratch.
  • Gesso: Gessoed canvases are a favorite among artists because they provide a reliable and consistent surface for painting. The gesso layer ensures that paint adheres well and doesn't get absorbed into the canvas fibers, preserving the vibrancy of colors. It also creates a smooth texture for artists to work on, making it easier to achieve desired effects and details.


We offer various frame depths and frames enhances the presentation of the artwork:

  • Frame Depth: Various frame depths provide depth and dimension to the canvas, giving it a three-dimensional quality. Artists can choose a frame depth that complements their artwork's style and creates the desired visual impact.
  • Frames: Frames serve as both protection for the canvas and as an aesthetic element that can enhance the artwork's overall look. Different frame styles can elevate the presentation and match the decor of the room where the artwork will be displayed.

The right canvas size ensures that your artwork harmonizes with your wall and room size, while pre-color coats or gesso offer artists creative options and reliable surfaces to work on. Additionally, frame depth and frames provide opportunities to enhance the artwork's presentation and protect it for years to come.

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