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Art Extravaganza: Unleash Creativity with XO Studio's Kids Art Birthday Parties!

Art Extravaganza: Unleash Creativity with XO Studio's Kids Art Birthday Parties!

Are you searching for a birthday party idea that goes beyond the ordinary? Look no further than XO Studio's Kids Art Birthday Parties – where imagination knows no bounds! Picture this: a vibrant space filled with laughter, colorful artwork, and the delightful sound of young minds expressing themselves.

Creativity Unleashed

At XO Studio, we believe in celebrating birthdays in a unique and artistic way. Our Kids Art Birthday Parties offer an immersive experience where children can unleash their creativity on canvas. From paintbrushes to palettes, we provide everything needed for an unforgettable artistic adventure.

Personalized Artistic Haven

Each birthday party is a personalized artistic haven. We welcome up to 5 kids to come together, draw, and paint under the guidance of our experienced art instructors. The studio buzzes with artistic energy as young Picassos create masterpieces that are as unique as they are.

Culinary Delights

No celebration is complete without delicious treats! Our birthday package includes a mouthwatering cake personalized with the birthday child's name and one pizza to satisfy hungry young artists. Plus, you can add extra pizzas or beverages to suit your party size and preferences.

Entertainment Options

Elevate the excitement by choosing from our range of entertainment options. Enlist the help of a professional clown to add laughter and joy, or opt for enchanting face painting that transforms little faces into works of art. Want to bring a touch of royalty? Our princess package is just a crown away.

Costume Party Extravaganza

For an extra dash of fun, why not host a costume party? For just $45 per child, we provide each little guest with a costume, creating a world of make-believe and laughter.

Flexible Packages

Our Kids Art Birthday Party packages are designed to suit your needs. For the first 2 hours, enjoy the creative festivities for $299. Extend the fun with additional hours at $200 each. Invite up to 10 kids for $160 per child, and customize your party with add-ons like extra pizzas, beverages, or entertainment.

Book Your Art-Filled Celebration

Make your child's birthday a masterpiece! Contact us to book your Kids Art Birthday Party at XO Studio. With art, laughter, and a dash of magic, it's bound to be an unforgettable celebration that leaves young hearts and minds inspired. Let the creativity flow and the birthday joy grow at XO Studio! 🎨🎂✨

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